About MTD Entertainment

  • What is MTD Entertainment?

    MTD Entertainment (Music Technologies Development SL) is a company based in Spain that manages 16 web magazines, specializing in symphonic instruments:

  • What can you find in MTD's magazines?

    MTD’s web magazines are visited by thousands of people from all over the world, many of whom are registered users and subscribers. The magazines are continually updated with all kinds of professional content. Besides, users can also publish blogs.

  • Is registration with the MTD’s magazines free?

    There are two types of accounts: Basic User and Subscriber. The Basic User account is free of charge. However, only Subscribers can enjoy all content without restrictions.

  • Subscriptions

  • What does being a Subscriber consist of?

    Subscribers pay a low fee of $19.99 a year, allowing them to access many exciting advantages that Basic Users do not have.

    The International Journal of Music (IJM) manages the subscriptions to MTD’s magazines.

  • How can you become a Subscriber?

    All you have to do is click on the Subscribe button in the web menu.

  • How do you pay the subscription fee? Is the payment secure?

    You can pay by credit/debit card.

    Payments for MTD’s magazines are secure. Stripe, Inc., a third-party card payment provider, carries out all the processes on its secure payments server, certified level 1 (the highest and strictest level) by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

    Neither MTD nor IJM retains any sensitive data from its users.

  • Is the subscription fee automatically renewed?

    At the time of subscription, you can choose whether to auto-renew or not.

  • Can you cancel your subscription?

    Yes. The subscription has no obligation to permanency, so that you can cancel at any time. It is an easy process—just go to your account settings and click on Cancel.

  • Lessons

  • Will you be able to access the lessons forever?

    If you are a subscriber, you will be able to view all the contents (including lessons) for free, as many times as you want, and from any device—mobile, tablet, or computer.

    However, please note that lessons’ availability depends on their license.

  • Can you download videos?

    No. By law, by becoming a subscriber, you are buying the right to access this digital content, not its ownership.

  • Blogs

  • What are the Blogs in MTD's magazines?

    MTD’s magazines feature professional content, but they also allow their users to publish personal blogs.

  • Is it free to have a blog hosted by MTD?

    Yes. You only need to be registered as a user in the correspondent MTD magazine.

  • What are the benefits of hosting your blog at MTD instead of publishing your blog on your own?

    If you decide to host a blog at any MTD magazine, you will have the following main benefits:

    1. Money. Have you ever thought about earning extra money online? With us, you can make money by writing a blog about your instrument. If you write well, we will pay you for it. This is how it works:
      1. For every visit a post written by you receives, you get $0.01. They have to be unique visits (e.g., the same person who reads your post twice will count only as one visit).
      2. You can keep track of your earnings in real-time, and you will be able to claim a payment every time you have more than $50 accumulated.
      3. After a few days, you get the money in your bank account.
    2. Visibility. Suppose you love to write and share knowledge. In that case, you should bear in mind that the level of exposure your writings will achieve if they go hand in hand with a specialist magazine like ours is much higher than if they were on their own. You will have a relatively large potential audience from day one.

    If you think you write well, but you don’t know how to monetize that skill, you can do this easily here. You won’t have to worry about getting sponsors and negotiating with them or any legal or administrative paperwork. You worry about writing. Share your blog with your friends. We’ll take care of the rest.

  • What is the procedure for publishing a blog at any MTD magazine?

    The procedure is effortless:

    1. Register as a user of the MTD magazine corresponding to your instrument.
    2. Once registered, you will see a section called My Blog within your account options. This is where all the posts you have published so far will appear. You will also see a button to publish a post.
    3. By clicking on the publish button, all the usual fields for writing a post will appear: title, featured image, content, text enrichment options, adding objects (other photos, videos, etc.), and finally, a button for sending the post for review.
    4. We will review the post to check that it does not violate the laws (that it does not contain offensive language or sexual or violent images, etc.), and then we will approve it for publication.

  • What happens if, after publishing your post, you wish to make modifications or delete it?

    The procedure would be similar to the one you followed for publishing:

    1. Select the post you want to edit and click on the Edit button.
    2. Click on the button to ask us to review the edition you have made.