MTD Entertainment Profile

MTD Entertainment is a leading digital media publisher in the music playing market, specializing in the classical music segment.

The 16 titles that make up MTD's portfolio are world authorities in content for all instrument families’ musicians, with a broad global reach.

Our Brands

Altogether, our 16 global brands constitute the number one classical music playing portfolio.

Our media allow advertisers to target professional and amateur musicians worldwide in a way that feels both fun and close by delivering highly relevant and reliable content to them.

Because we are compelling storytellers, our publications fuel many musicians’ passions every day, whom we inspire and for whom we are a trusted voice.

MTD Magazines 2022 Feb
Young female musician checking her phone while practicing in a music studio.


Across our websites, videos, blogs, social channels, and newsletters, we offer different platforms for the musicians to discover, explore and discuss their respective instruments.

The unique and inspiring content that MTD Entertainment creates for its 16 brands is a must for lovers of different musical instruments and can reach its audience thanks to a close relationship with thousands of schools and associations, federations, and societies of musicians and luthiers in all countries.


While MTD's digital magazines have a global reach, they focus on the U.S. — generating approximately 45% of their traffic, the U.K. (5%) and Australia (2%). At the same time, they have a significant presence in Spain (12%) and Latin America (5%) due to no small part of their content being translated into Spanish.

24% of the audience are in the range of 25-34, 18% are under 25, and the rest are over 34, with 64% being male.

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